Servicing: Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta, Ojai, Ventura, Malibu and Santa Monica

Organic Landscape Maintenance


As Owner and operator of Conscious Garden, I provide personal attention and detail while using 'Natural Pruning' techniques, organic soil care and feeding, organic pest management, irrigation monitoring and drip system installation and maintenance plus organic lawn care.

Edible Garden Designs and Installation


Enjoy the benefits of having fresh, nutrient dense organic vegetables and flowers right at your back door!  We work with you to create a productive garden that provides your family's needs and work it into your garden aesthetic making it beautiful as well as functional.  We can help turn your garden into an edible paradise.

We install and maintain raised bed and other vegetable gardens of all sizes using specialized soil care and implementation of timing for nutrient dense and productive vegetable and flower harvests including in containers ( no matter how small) and can provide critter protection frames.

Orchard Maintenance, Tree Planting and Restoration


Whether planting a new Orchard or restoring an established one, we provide specialized feeding, planting companion ground covers, organic spraying, pruning and organic pest control.  Using mulch and composting techniques for increasing production and health of trees and efficiency of water use.

Garden Design and Plant Consultations


We offer design consulting and implementation of complementary plants for new and established gardens or problem area solutions.  

We conduct a thorough assessment using personalized client walk thrus and questionnaires to provide you with a comprehensive plant and useful design options.

Water Wise Gardening and Irrigation


We value water conservation as well as matching that with the right plants.  We assess your irrigation system and identify ways to increase efficiency.  We can also shape the land to catch water runoff and combine with mulch and compost where possible to retain water.  I am also skilled in irrigation maintenance, including drip systems

Specialized Tree and Plant Sourcing, Growing, Maintaining


We are interested in all plants and gardens.  If you have a specific plant or herb that you would like to grow, or cannot find the tree or plant you are after, we will find it, install it and grow it for you.